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Makeup that lasts!

Updated: Jul 29, 2019

You've done the most amazing contouring, shading, blending (and a killer winged liner might you add!) to only find your makeup disappearing during the day or getting patchy. Ugh. It happens to the best of us. More often than we wish. Sigh.

What are the secrets that the top makeup artists use? How do they perfect the look so it takes the makeup to that next level? How can you in the comfort of your bathroom at home re-create this look and keep it staying all day long?

Follow along for some tips and tricks that will help your face look amazing all day (and all night!)


Demi matte or matte foundations will generally last longer than dewy foundations. Using a primer can also help your foundation to last as it creates a layer between the foundation and your pores so the oil will take a bit longer to get through the layer and attack your foundation!


Buy one of these now: either an eyeshadow primer or a cream eyeshadow that dries to a matte finish. Then set with the same colour eyeshadow on top to intensify the look and set it even further in place. It will not move off your eyelid. If you are using an eyeliner or eye pencil make sure it is waterproof and smudge proof. There is nothing worse than doing a gorgeous winged liner and it smudges halfway through the day. I recommend this one by Stila.


Start with a cream blush and set with a powdered blush. Although this may seem excessive it really does help to build up the colour and help it to stay longer. If you just use a powdered blush you might find that it disappears within a few hours. Keep the blush on the apples of the cheeks and blend upward for a naturally lifted and youthful glow.


I also like to use a cream bronzer first that is matte (no shimmer) and use it to contour and shape the face. Then go in with a powdered bronzer (I like to use one with shimmer but it really depends on your preference) blend it into the same areas. Concentrate on blending it under your cheekbones and slightly up into the cheeks. Any remaining powder left on the brush can be blend around the hairline and under the chin to and jawline to shape the face.

Waterproof mascara and brow gels

Using a waterproof mascara and brow gel just makes sense. Whether you wear it because you swim everyday or because you just don't want it to flake or smudge, it really is worth the extra 20 seconds it takes to remove at night with a cleansing oil or eye makeup remover.

Stay all day lip colours

Stay all day liquid lipsticks are amazing at staying for hours (even through your morning coffee and lunch). Stila does amazing liquid lips as does Nars, Smashbox and Kylie.

Do you have any favourite long wearing products that you recommend? Share your comments below and help a sister out!

Sarah x

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