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5 Mecca must haves - makeup

Here are my top 5 products from Mecca. The ones I use regularly (like, on every single client) and why I use them. There are always new products coming out but these are my staples, my go-tos, when I want to grab something and know it's going to perform up to scratch.

1. Too Faced Better than Sex mascara

Some people love this some people hate this (read online reviews and you'll see why). I am in the first group of admirers and I'll tell you why. The formula is thick and never gets dried out or flaky. You can use this mascara literally for months and months with no issues. This mascara gives your lashes so much volume and length it really doesn't compete with anything else. It is super black and can transform the tiniest shortest lashes in an instant.

I've never found this one to flake or come off during the day (and I have oily skin). The only reason I've found this could happen is if you rub your eyes or pull at the lashes. If that is an issue for you I'd do a second or third coat with the waterproof version.

2. Hourglass Arch brow pencil

The edge on this pencil is longer than most yet not too thick. It is angled so you can draw individual hairs or use the longer edge to shade and fill in your brows. As the pencil has a longer edge it isn't susceptible to breakage which happens sometimes with fine pencils which can be knocked or accidentally dropped in your makeup bag and break in half.

I love the soft brunette shade for light-medium brows and dark brunette for darker brows. Find the range here.

3. Nars Sheer Glow foundation

An oldie but a goodie, this foundation works well with fingers, brush or a damp beauty blender. I love the smooth silky finish it gives to skin and the buildable coverage which makes it so versatile. I have this in my kit and use this on most of my clients. I often mix this foundation with a face oil to make it more dewy on drier skin types or MAC face and body for a sheer waterproof version.

4. Nars radiant creamy concealer

This demi-matte concealer gives a beautiful luminous finish to the skin. I use under the eyes to cover those pesky dark circles and on the face to build up coverage or spot conceal where needed.

Did you know this concealer is water based and includes skincare like Magnolia Bark Extract, Grape Seed Extract and Vitamin E to hydrate and firm the skin? I sure didn't realise until I researched more and I'm obsessed! You need this one in your makeup bag!

5. Stila convertible color cream blush

I love cream blushes because they give a dewy finish to the skin (and that's my favourite makeup finish for skin) and it also lasts longer than powders. If you find your blush tends to wear off during the day I layer this cream blush with a powder blush on top and voila - it's never coming off! My favourite shades are lillium, petunia, gerbera and peony.

There are so many more products I love at Mecca but let's just start from here for the moment before I start rambling too much.

What are your favourite Mecca makeup products? Share your comments in the section below.

Sarah x

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