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Mumma makeup and skincare routine

Updated: May 25, 2020

As a new mumma to 4 month old Kai I've found that time has become a precious commodity. Of course I knew this going in, but it wasn't until I'd experienced a few weeks of motherhood that the reality sunk in. My usual relaxing and luxurious routine of skincare and makeup in the morning over a hot cup of coffee has now been reduced to 5 mins in between feeding, nappy changes and watching bubba stare at me from his little bouncer (and me just hoping he doesn't crack it for a few mins!). And did I mention my coffee is now lukewarm borderline cold. Yep. How times have changed.

Sometimes the soundtrack to my morning showers is my little bubba crying (oh bless!) so showers have also been reduced to essential tasks in super speed time. I mention this because showers factor into my skincare routine in an important way.

If you are after a more detailed skin care regime and have more than 5 minutes to apply a mask/cleanser/moisturiser hybrid check out my previous blog post on tips for layering skincare or skin prep 101 for those who want a break down of the steps and how to get that famous glowing skin. For those with time constraints or who value an extra sleep in (don't we all!) read on.


In the shower after cleansing I pop on a mask while I'm shaving my legs or washing my hair. While the mask only stays on for a few minutes it is still worth the glowing skin afterwards. On alternate days and depending how my skin feels I like to use either an exfoliating, clay or moisturising mask. My all time favourites are Sand & Sky Australian Pink Clay, Kate Somerville Exfolikate and Origin's Drink Up Intensive Overnight Hydrating Mask (as name suggests can also be left on overnight or washed/tissued off).

If I really have no time but want some extra hydration I use Kate Somerville's Cold Cream which is a moisturising cleanser (with ingredients like white honey, jasmine, rose and daisy to moisturise and soften the skin). It's also great at taking off makeup so try this one at the end of the day too!

After I get out of the shower I use a good moisturiser like Perricone MD Nourishing or Kate Somerville Age Arrest. Anything that leaves my skin super soft and creates a good base for makeup.

While I'm singing to bubba

My makeup most days is pretty simple. It makes me feel human to wear it even if it's just pushing the pram around the block or to duck out to Coles. I always start with a tinted moisturiser (love Laura Mercier's illuminating one), then build up with some concealer if needed (currently using Josie Maran's Vibrancy concealer).

For brows I am obsessed with Mecca Max Brow Guru in Dark (at $18 only you know you need to get it right now!) and for mascara I am using Hourglass Caution Extreme Lash. Love the way it lasts all day and doesn't smudge.

For bronzer again I use Hourglass (my fav for light to medium skin tone is the Nude Light version) and then I finish off with a cream blush that I can use as lipstick (or the other way around - have you tried MAC faux lipstick on your cheeks? I love it!)

If bubba is still happy and not crying by this point

Smudge on some Stila eyeliner, blow dry my hair, grab the nappy bag and baby and we're off!

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