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REVIEW! MAC Studio Radiance Face & Body Radiant Sheer Foundation

This might be the longest product name I've heard in a while! In the industry we usually just call this "face & body" and everyone immediately knows what we're talking about. This foundation has been around for decades and decades - despite so many foundations coming and going throughout the years - this is one of those that has a proven track record. You can always find face & body in many makeup artists kits and there's a good reason why. It's adaptable, buildable & waterproof - plus you can use on the face or body - so it's perfect for photoshoots or red carpets.

So is this foundation worth it for you or is it just for pro makeup artists to use on set? Keep reading for some of the ways that you can use this foundation and how you can make it work for you!

For those who prefer to watch a full length review of MAC Studio Radiance Face & Body Sheer Foundation - check out my video at the end!

A little blurb about face & body

MAC describes this as a "sheer, radiant, my-skin-but-better finish". The formula "provides a sheer buildable veil of coverage with a natural, radiant glow. It delivers refreshing, instant hydration in an ultra-light, waterproof formula with all-day comfort and wear. Non-comedogenic."

Sounds like the best sheer foundation out there! But is it? How does it hold up? How would you use it in your daily routine? Can you wear this for an event? Would it last?

Testing it out & adding a drop of illuminizer

I firstly did a test using face & body on its own on one side of my face and mixing it with an illuminizer on the other to create a illuminating tinted moisturiser. I think this is a great way to wear it everyday for a simple glowy makeup look.

The perfect light coverage for all day without looking to "makeupy" or cakey. (Not sure if makeupy is a real word but I like it!)

Mixing with other foundations

I next tried mixing face & body with MAC studio fix fluid in NC27. By mixing the two together the studio fix not only takes on a lighter consistency and coverage but it also adopts the properties of face & body creating a waterproof film on top of the skin.

You can also mix face & body with your foundation to lighten or darken the colour if you go between shades in winter and summer or if you tan every now and then. I recommend getting one quite a few shades lighter or darker to mix in to create that perfect match for you.

In my video I show the difference between MAC studio fix on it's own versus mixing it with the face & body. Check it out below to see the results!

As a body makeup

Lastly this foundation can be used as body makeup. I use it a lot on set to even out skin tones where needed. Even though I use it mostly on photoshoots you could also use this for weddings or events where you want to even out the skin tone on your arms, legs or anywhere in between.

I think this foundation really is so versatile and can be adapted to almost any situation. It looks like skin and can go from a light coverage or can be built up to a medium coverage. Whether you mix it with an illuminizer for a glow or a heavier foundation for more coverage - the waterproof film really is a plus for this one and works so well.

Want a more detailed review or prefer to see it? Watch my video below to see an in-depth review!

Have you guys tried this one? Is it something that you already have in your makeup bag or kit? Let me know how you like it! Comment below!!

Sarah xx

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