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7 easy tips to perfect a killer winged liner

I don't know how many times I almost finished the perfect winged liner then completely messed it up and had to start all over again. Argh.

Through many failed attempts and stubborn persistence I managed to get it right and I'm here today to share with you some of my tips. I started off with 5 tips but couldn't resist adding in the last 2 as I think they really help you to finish off the look to perfection!

The perfect template

Use a brown or black eyeshadow to draw a template of what you want your liner to look like. If you make any mistakes or take the liner too far you can easily clean up with a cotton bud without too much damage.

Start with the flick

Aim towards the end of your eyebrow and take the flick out to just before you want it to finish. It's easier to add on a little extra length then take away. If you want to elongate your eye make your flick more horizontal. If you want a more cat eye effect slightly aim your flick upwards toward the brow. Once you have drawn in the flick you can do your upper lash line and join together.

Look straight ahead not down

It's important to look ahead in the mirror when you draw on your liner. If you've been looking down the whole time once you look ahead you might find you can't see parts of your liner, it's too thick on some areas or the flick is suddenly pointing down instead of up.

Sticky tape

Some people use sticky tape to help them draw the flick. I find this can be useful however make sure you get rid of most of the stickiness by pressing the tape on the back of your hand a few times before you place it near your delicate eye area.

Drawing a straight line

When it comes to drawing the liner on I always recommend holding your brush or liquid eyeliner at an angle so your hand is parallel with your face. If you face the tip of the brush straight on to your lid you will find that the line becomes more uneven. Make sure the pressure you press the brush on your eyelid is also softer as this will help you keep control of where you draw the liner.

Having already drawn on your template with an eyeshadow it's now easier to keep to that straight line that you already drew. Simply draw on top.


You want to avoid any skin showing through on your lash line - particularly in between the lashes. This will make your eyeliner look unfinished. To cover all the gaps go in with a kohl pencil or eyeliner pencil in the same colour as your liner and gently colour in the upper waterline while pressing into the lash line to spread that colour onto the upper lid. Just make sure if you have chosen to keep your eyeliner thin on the eyelid that you don't go too far onto the lid.

Cleaning up any mistakes

If you have gone too far with your eyeliner flick or it's too thick on the edge a great way to fix this up and keep the flick looking clean is to go in with some concealer on a flat square brush. You can clean up the edges and make the point of the flick more fine by angling the brush up towards your brow.

What is your best tip for the perfect eyeliner?

Share your comments below!

Sarah xx

Images: Pinterest

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