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Basic bridal skincare routine

Updated: Oct 6, 2021

I wanted to write a post to my beautiful Spring and Summer brides-to-be to help them prepare to look absolutely gorgeous and glowing on their wedding day. This advice is helpful for all even if you're not getting married - after months of isolation and no events to go to I'm sure I'm not the only one to let my skin regime slide!

While beauty salons can be a great place to start for intensive skin treatments, a DIY skin regime can be a lot easier (and cheaper!) to implement while setting you up with a good routine before the big day. And who doesn't want flawless glowing skin?


Getting into a good daily routine (a few months before)

This is the time to start taking daily care of your skin if you haven't already been doing so. Morning and night you want to use a good cleanser, toner and moisturiser designed to match your skin type. For a detailed step by step guide see my previous post on skin prep here.

I've often heard people say they don't cleanse in the morning because they cleansed the night before, however this can be a bad habit to get into. Not to freak you out but pillows contain dirt, dust mites, dead skin cells and absorbs your body oil so you might want to cleanse in the morning (and also wash your pillow case and replace your pillows every year-3 years depending on the pillow!).

I recommend seeing a Dermatologist if you have any serious skin concerns or wish to get stronger treatments (lasers, microdermabrasion, clinical grade peels etc). Of course they may not be open yet so check with your local beauty or skin clinic to see if they are back in business.

Treatments (3-6 months before)

1. Acids

If you've read any of my other post you will know that I am a big acid fan! Acid treatments are great at exfoliating the skin, helping skin cell turnover, promoting collagen renewal - basically leaving you with a glowy and smooth face! I love everything from a good salicylic acid to lactic acid. It will depend on your skin type and condition. Salicylic acid can be good for clearing acne because it gets right into the pores and clears it out. Lactic acid is great for hyper pigmentation, wrinkles and dryness, leaving your skin feeling moisturised after (bonus!). If you are unsure which acid to use ask your local skin clinic or send me an email and we can have a chat! I will be doing an in-depth post soon with a run down of all my favourite acid treatments - so keep an eye out!

2. Retinols

Retinol is one of those ingredients that have extensive clinical studies behind them showing really benefits in reducing lines and wrinkles because it helps stimulate collagen production (yes please!). Retinol is also great at smoothing texture and treating dark spots and hyper pigmentation. Just be careful if you are pregnant though as it's not recommended to use in high dosages - check with your doctor before using.

3. Masks

I also recommend trying out face masks and under eye patches which you would like to use leading up to wedding/on the day to see which ones you love and ensure you don't have any breakouts. That way you can be confident on the day that you won't have any nasty reactions.

4. Microcurrent firming technology

Microcurrent skin device

There are some great devices out there for your skin that promote muscle training, firming, tightening and increased production of collagen. It's like a non-invasive facelift! The benefits are only really seen with continuous and consistent use so you need a bit of discipline - but the results are worth it! Check out these brands - Nuface, Foreo and Talika.

Those who should avoid microcurrent devices include those with cardiac pacemakers, epilepsy, metal implants, skin irritations and pregnancy.

Step it up (weeks leading up to)

Now is not the time to try anything new as you don't want to risk reactions or breakouts. Make sure to keep up your daily skincare routine, regular acid/retinol treatments and hydrate with lots of good serums. You want to keep that skin smooth baby!

The day arrives

Start the morning with a good cleanse, tone, mask/serum and moisturiser. Don't exfoliate or use any masks/treatments that extract/clear pores as this can encourage breakouts or redness. Let your moisturiser sit on the skin for at least 15 mins - half hour to allow time to sink into the skin before you start makeup.

Whether you are doing your own makeup or have a makeup artist booked to do your makeup you can be sure that your skin will be glowing and flawless for those wedding photos!

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