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How to choose perfect nude lipstick

Kim Kardashian wearing nude lipstick
Image: Pinterest

I have always loved nude lipsticks and have had an obsession for nudes as long as I can remember. Its been popular for decades - from Brigitte Bardot to Kim Kardashian. But have you ever found that you own about 20 of them and still seem to be searching for that perfect nude when you are stopping by Mecca or Sephora? Why is finding the perfect nude so elusive? Is there one universally flattering nude out there? Or does everyone have to find their own shade?

Skin tone and lipsticks

It would be so great and easy if there was just one shade that would look great on everybody but the truth is there really isn't. The same lipstick on 10 different skin tones will look so different.

Your skin tone plays an important part in determining your best lipstick colour and to a certain degree so does your hair, features and makeup (eg are you fake tanning or have you dyed your hair a completely different colour to your natural colour - if so, you may have to test a few different colours to see which suits).

The general rule though is as follows and hopefully it can help you in your decision making process!

If your undertone is cool you will most likely have blue looking veins while warm skin tones have greenish looking veins. If you are not sure you might be a neutral skin tone which can suit both cool and warm toned colours.

Another way to work it out is actually to take a note of what colours you are naturally drawn to. I find that most of the time we are drawn to colours that suit us. See this chart below and whether you are drawn to the cooler side (left columns) or warmer sides (right columns).

Cool to warm colour chart
Image: Pinterest

How to find which nude suits you

A great test I've heard in the past is to look at the inside of your bottom lip colour and go a few shades lighter or darker. Make sure that you don't go too light. If the lipstick is lighter than your skin tone it will disappear into the skin and look too pale. The overall effect for warm skin tones should be natural and either make your skin look warm with a healthy glow or if you have cool toned skin the overall affect should be clear and bright bringing out the blue/pink tones of your eyes and skin.

Those with fair/light skin look better in the lighter cools and warms while those with medium/deeper skin tones look better in the stronger cools and warms (see chart above).

My skin tone is light and I have fair features with warm undertones - so I am in the light warm category. Nude lipsticks that are more beige, peach and coral look the best on me.

Matte, satin, tint or gloss?

If you are completely committed to your chosen lipstick I would say go and rock that matte! It will last forever and that lipstick will have incredible staying power. However if you like something more natural looking or creamier go for a satin/cream texture - you'll just have to reapply more often!

For those of us who want a hint of colour and don't mind reapplying I think tints and glosses are great and can be super hydrating. When I have stronger eye makeup and blush I often like to go sheer on the lips for that subtle effect.

My favourite nudes

What's my favourite? I'm currently loving these:

  1. Too Faced Lip Injection Power Plumping Lip Gloss in Glossy & Bossy (find it here)

  2. MAC Lipstick in Modesty (find it here)

  3. Smashbox Be Legendary Lipstick in Audition (find it here)

Favourite nude lipsticks
Image: Mecca

What's your all time favourite nude lipstick? Share your fav below!

Sarah xx

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