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Vitamin C serum - how beneficial? (not just eating oranges)

I have always loved a good Vitamin C serum and have used various ones now for over 2 years in the hope that it will transform my skin into a brighter clearer and more luminous version of itself. I have definitely seen the proof and my skin has never looked better. But I have always struggled to explain how and why it actually works. Here are some facts on Vitamin C, how it works and why you should buy some today!

It is a powerful antioxidant

Antioxidants neutralise free radicals (those pesky things that cause damage to cells, proteins and DNA) which is important as free radicals are associated with certain diseases and ageing.

Stimulates collagen production

Vitamin C is used in nearly every step of the collagen formation process. Collagen is what gives our skin structure and strength. It also helps strengthen nails, hair and joints.

Inhibits tyrosinase

Tyrosinase is an enzyme that produces pigmentation in our skin. So by inhibiting tyrosinase, Vitamin C can prevent and lighten sun spots, age spots, acne scars and other pigmentation if used consistently over time.

While eating a Vitamin C rich diet can help (hence the photos of oranges) continued use of topical Vitamin C has been proven to reduce lines and wrinkles, brighten the skin, reduce pigmentation, help the skin to heal wounds and smooth the texture of the skin. What's not to love?! Go get a bottle today!

There are some great serums out there - the two that I have used most are these ones by Drunk Elephant and Dr Dennis Gross.

Have you used a Vitamin C serum before? What results have you seen? Share your story below!

Sarah x

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